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buchanan will be here. make sure you go to there is an open thread there. good night from washington, d.c.. and then bill o. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight. >> well, the president was certainly surprised when he was informed about the situation regarding general petraeus. he. >> bill: the general petraeus sex scandal getting bigger. now the top u.s. commander in afghanistan is also being scrutinized. we will have the very latest in this awful story. >> i know bill o'reilly feels like america has changed and it's no longer in the control of white power. >> bill: so now i'm david duke as the far left media runs wild after the re-election of president obama. we'll have a story that will make you furious. >> this country was founded by latin people. >> obama is reelected. >> yes. >> how exeighted are you. >> i would have left the country if he wasn't.
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>> jesse watters pays a visit to some far left folks. >> i know i'm talking to the enemy right now. >> don't hate me. >> i don't. >> i thought liberals wanted to embrace the other side. >> i don't think that's true at all. >> bill: we will show you what happened in the latest edition of watters world. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the far left running wild. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. flush for president obama's victory last week. far left elements in america are pumping it up. today a number of leftists met with the president at the white house. they included a bunch of union leaders, guy from move on. and center for american progress people. you don't get more left wing than the crew that visited the white house this morning. the president, of course, thanking them for their
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loyalty during the campaign. but mr. obama should have included some far left media folks. that group totally in the tank for him. here is a vivid example. on election night, before most returns were in. i said this: >> whereby 20 years ago, president obama would have been roundly defeated by establishment candidate like mitt romney. the white establishment is now the minority. and the voters, many of them, feel that this economic system is stacked against them and they want stuff. you are going to see a tremendous hispanic vote for president obama. overwhelming black vote for president obama. and women will probably break president obama's way. >> bill: wow, my analysis was 100% correct. in fact, the factor's entire coverage of the campaign was accurate right down to not making a prediction. because some things were happening at the last minute. now, 30 minutes after i made
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those remarks, which were kind of matter of fact the far left web site started to crank on up. instead of just reporting what i said, they spun it, describing my remarks as maudlin, lament was the word they used. i was lamenting the vote. quickly, meredith blake, a totally incompetent reporter at the "l.a. times" picked that up. also using the word lament in her article but also adding that i seemed, quote, terrified by the voting results. did i seem terrified to you? then, left-wing loon, brian lowery piled on. writing in variety he said, quote: posts like bill o'reilly lamenting the shift in the u.s. electorate. and the lamenting went on. article after article after article. falsely claiming that i was somehow wringing my hands rather than stating sage
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opinion. that led actor john to say this. >> i know bill o'reilly feels like america has changed and it's no longer in the control of white power. but it never really has been. it's been a false power. i mean, this country was founded by latin people. >> bill: so now i'm a white power guy. i went from analyzing the election vote, matter of factually to being david duke. isn't that nice? and this happens all day every day in the far left media and it's getting serious. the obama campaign demonized mitt romney as a predatory capitalist. as a heartless man who even participated in the death of an innocent woman. these people have no shame, none. withbut the worse part about its no one holds them accountable because most people fear the far left. they are afraid of them because they are so vicious. vicious. so here is what i really
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lament. we are now living in a dishonest culture. the media is totally corrupt in this country it does things that it could never have gotten away with even 10 years ago. there are entire media operations that exist solely to promote ideology. obviously a bad situation that is getting worse. and that's the memo. now, for the top story tonight, reaction with us, barack and hard place duo monica cawley and alan colmes. you enjoy that. >> the lamentations and i expected you to be nashing your teeth and renting your garment. >> bill: when i did that analysis at 8:08 by the way very early on in the election night. did i seem distraught to you in any way, shape or form. >> no. and your analysis was as you say 100% correct. >> bill: i gave the reasons, why it was going to happen. and you know, when people heard that they got mad at me. i got emails off the jump.
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>> because it was early in the evening and they thought maybe you were talking down the groups. >> bill: groups were going to vote for president obama, which, of course, they did. lamenting holmes. >> lamont, so many things on a daily basis. >> bill: and you should. >> i told you obama would win. i told you he was going to win. >> bill: you did. you are an oracle. >> you are going to give fellows to don't like you any ammunition. >> bill: there wasn't ammunition they. >> unfair analysis. >> bill: no howevers. so, you, even alan colmes who is in that crew. >> what crew? >> bill: you dent behave like they do but your mind set is like them. even you, and this evidenced you are fightable. even you know what this is all about. now, it's a cabal, they use the same words, they read the same web sites. when it gets into places like the "l.a. times," the san francisco chronicle which did the same thing, when it gets
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into the variety which is where he picked it up. and then it comes back and i'm david duke. >> no, no, no. address this. does that concern you? >> yes, because you should not be categorized as someone like david duke. you are nowhere near that. >> what you are answering my questions. >> okay. >> bill: then what should be done? >> what should be done? >> bill: yes. >> you have you say the media like it's one monolithic entity. there are certain people who will be over the top. >> bill: there are a lot of them. >> it happens on both sides. >> bill: well, hold it come on. it doesn't happen on both sides. >> sure, it does. >> bill: there are a few conservative web sites and i have never seen anything like this. >> come on, obama is a marxist, a muslim. >> bill: that's the president.
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you follow conservative web sites, right? >> i do. monica colmes just said what i just presented happens on the right, too. i don't follow it, does it? >> it does not happen the way you describe on the right. look, i wrote a whole book about this called "what the bleep just happened?" what you are describing are are are s. a far left ciewx. kooks. the party of harry truman who dropped bomb on japan to stop world war ii. get job creation and economic growth. far left nuts now running the country not only at the highest levels of government but in the media and the unions and george soros and now on behar. extreme to the nnnth degree. >> bill: that's her parkway. >> very important distinction to be made and you need understand it. >> bill: i have got to get this question in. today we had a bunch of people going as i set it up to the white house. the one that stuck out to me
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was move on. move on was the one that put out the ad and they spent $17 million putting out attack ads. the one ad had two senior women cursing we'll burn this mother down if barack obama doesn't win. if you are the president of the united states do you invite the leader of this crew to the white house. >> i don't know who did that ad. >> move on dot who? let me get this out. you characterized. >> bill: you don't want to answer that question by the way. >> i have no problem with inviting move on to the white house. >> bill: even after they did that kind of stuff. >> i don't know who did that kind of stuff. >> bill: move on did it? >> i have to get this out. you said they don't get further left than the people who get invited to the white house. bunch a come mys. groups who want to preserve social security and medicare. they are not far left loons. >> bill: move on was there go ahead, last word.
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>> the current group of the far left maniacs who are running the country and deliberately destroying the foundational principles of this country are the extreme. they have penetrated the media, the unions, the government. they are in every aspect of running hollywood and the culture. unless and until we understand that this is a very extreme faction now. >> that's all they are that's not what the democratic party is. >> far left whax we are dealing with here. >> bill: we have proved as monica just said extremism has gotten into the fabric of the "l.a. times," the san francisco chronicle. >> you are trying to define the media and direct party as far left loons as opposed to the main. >> they are. >> that's where i disagree. >> bill: i have got to go. thank god. next on the run down, the commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan may be caught up inetraeus sex scandal. very trouble ling right back@
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>> bill: factor follow up segment tonight, chief general petraeus had to resign over extramarital affair that the fbi discovered while investigating his computer. now, marine general john allen top u.s. commander in afghanistan also feeling the heat of that investigation. apparently the general had some kind of communications with a woman named jill kelley who was the whistle blower in the petraeus affair situation. this is a confusing mess and none of it good for the country. joining us now from washington lt. colonel tony shaffer works at the center for advanced studdies and from boston lt. colonel david hunt. tell me about general allen. >> general allen is a good man. he is an active duet four star marine general who took over in afghanistan for then general david petraeus who goes to the cia. general allen is now on hold but he was being nominated to command europe and be the nato
8:15 pm
commander. >> bill: i'm not exactly sure what he is alleged to have done. do you know what they are saying? what's the buzz as they say in military circles? >> he is being -- alleged to have had flirtatious emails with this kelley who you talked about being the whistleblower. >> whistleblower, right. >> there is a few hundred to a few thousand depending who is counting of emails between ms. kelley and general allen. the problem for general allen is there a specific charge in the uniformed code of military justice, military law article 134 that applies to him as it might to general petraeus if he had an affair while he was in uniform. >> bill: he says he did not, correct? >> general allen is saying there was nothing going on between them. the problem is feel have looked in the emails and suggest there was flirtatious. the problem is that the nato command job is being held until this is determined what
8:16 pm
really went on. >> bill: all right. now, colonel shaffer, why should the folks care about this? we see powerful people through the history having, you know, whatever they want to have, all right? why should the folks care about this? >> because there is two reasons they ought to care. first, bill, this is a pattern now. we have several general officers, current and former behaving very badly. a general on trial at fort brad for any number of sex crimes. admiral relieved recently over something relating to something did he badly regarding behavior. and now we have general petraeus who was one of the brightest military leaders of oyou are time. he has his detractors. i have never been his biggest fan but i think you need to defend him by the fact that everybody is human. and now you have general allen who is about to assume one of the most powerful jobs in d.o.d. the commander of nato which is clearly one of the expeditiousary things that we now support things like libya
8:17 pm
and other places. it's important that you have to have someone you can trust to lead. >> bill: okay. >> the other part of this real quick bill is this a distracter from things like benghazi. >> bill: obviously look if your commander in afghanistan has to deal with this kind of stuff, that's not a good thing for the forces on the ground. colonel hunt, the general says he didn't have an affair. the general in afghanistan. and if it's just back and forth on a computer, you're thousands of miles away from home and, i don't know what you are doing. but is that enough? let's believe the general that he didn't have any kind of physical relationship with kelley and it was an entertainment that he was doing to take his mind off the woes of the day is that enough to sack the guy to get him out of there. >> bill: you think he is done? >> and he might lose a star. go down to three stars.
8:18 pm
charge is conduct unbecoming. you are not asking ms. kelley how are your kids and what's the weather in tampa. that's not what the issue is issue is being flirtatious and he knows, we all know better that's not the problem, petraeus obviously is admitting to having a relationship that went farther. the problem is accurately described nato job is being held. >> bill: nothing good about it it do you think it's enough though to have general allen demoted and not get the positions that he was going to get if this was just this back and forth on the internet? colonel shaffer, go ahead. >> at the perception of it, bill, the perception is reality. he has crossed a transsem which you can't go back over. let me be clear on this. people like ms. kelly are the people i try to stubborn as an operator. think about this for a second.
8:19 pm
the scope of the email. even though she ♪ getting classified information. if their relationship is that flirty that they're constantly emailing back and forth. i know everything general allen is doing. is that the right thing you want to have a civil who may or may not be in contact and this is where the investigation needs to go to check her out. is there a reason that she was doing this other than being nice in i don't want to sound conspiratorial tore this is the kind of perch i would send forward. >> directly ahead, price gouging congressman ron paul says it's fine 9/11 a hurricane. so does john stossel. i will have to set them both straight. and later jesse watters mingling with far left elements. that should be interesting and that should be interesting and we are coming right sometimes life can be well, a little uncomfortable. but when it's hard or hurts to go to the bathroom, there's dulcolax stool softener. dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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>> bill: stossel matter segment tonight. a couple weeks ago john stossel was analyzing the fallout from hurricane sandy whereby gas stations jacked up their prices big time. >> price gouging. you probably think it's a terrible thing, right? well, i say what you call gouging is good. >> it season saves lives. hooray for price gouging. i would just call it flexible prices. >> and now stossel being backed up by our old pal com ron paul thinks gouge something good for the premarketplace even in a situation. you are well aware that new jersey has a law against profiteering from disasters, you are well aware of that. and now, obviously, there a bunch of prosecutions in that state because gas stations rise their price a buck a gallon. you say? >> i say people suffer because of these laws. >> bill: tell me how they suffer. how they suffer. >> the reason they are waiting for two hours and maybe they don't even get gas is because
8:24 pm
of price controls. there are only shortages. >> bill: charge auto bucks a gallon only be six cars there they are the only you ones that could afford it other people would have to walk. >> $6 a gallon within six hours the lines would be over. people would ship oil in from other states. [ laughter ] >> over in the time it took people to drive the noil. >> bill: you are saying if the profiteers to put it up to 6 bucks a gallon that people all over the country would try to get a peeves the action and bring in the oil quicker. >> i think my op. ed was better than ron paul's. what company wants to deal with the hassle of ship gas disaster stricken area with downed lines when the same profit can be made elsewhere. you don't do it. you don't leave home. >> bill: give them incentive to ship oil. what about the poor folks who got hammered by the storm and now they are getting hammered in their wallets? don't you feel for them? >> i do. many gas stations wouldn't raise prices because they don't want to particular off
8:25 pm
their customers. some would. >> bill: why shouldn't we encourage everyone to do the right thing and help the folks out and, you know, i see your point about not punishing the price gougers. they should be executed. [ laughter ] i wouldn't do it through -- >> should be execute. >> bill: vigilantes should surround their little mow mobil station. >> some. would not enough heros. >> bill: has to be laws to prevent horrors to -- if you know a gas station that price gouge, you send that to me. you send that to me. i will put it right on tv. >> and thank them tore -- for me. >> bill: thank them from stossel who is a fascist. you went out and asked obama supporters snrivment what did you ask him? >> we went to the celebration and said what does obama's election mean for freedom? roll the tape. >> what does obama's win do
8:26 pm
for freedom. >> freedom? >> for freedom? yeah, i have no idea. [ laughter ] >> for freedom. >> for freedom? >> what does that mean for freedom? >> bill: free to dance. >> free stuff. >> bill: first of all, why did you ask that question? what was the point of the question? >> i'm a libertarian. individual freedom is one of the most important things to me. >> bill: you were hoping that people would say well because barack obama believes one thing, it's better for us in the free area. >> well, i kind of thought they would say what they did. and i wanted to point that out. because they just -- >> bill: word of the question oblique question. >> i didn't even think. if somebody came up to me and said what is president obama's election mean for freedom, i would have probably launched into some kind of bloviation about it's not good for freedom because there is too much dependency attached to his policies. that's what i would have said.
8:27 pm
>> we weren't going to hear that in chicago. >> there was a lot of dancing. i don't know whether you can dance and say that at the same time. it's hard. >> she could. >> bill: so you were morning the obama supporters for not knowing. >> i was allowing them to mock themselves. audience who gets it. >> bill: you know what i think? you were gouging them intellectually. you were gouging them. >> freedom is important. >> bill: it is. >> i want freedom to be left alone. freedom to do anything that's peaceful. and the obama years will mean more rules, less freedom. they view freedom as freedom to have an abortion and freedom from want. >> bill: okay. i'm almost -- i'm 7 a% with you on the freedom. do i believe that the folks need to be protected. all right, from some things that can be done. >> like long lines? >> bill: that can be done. like unfair pricing and because you don't have any food, you can't afford the food and you are going to die, huh-uh, john stoferl and ron paul, buddies, plenty more ahead as the factor moves
8:28 pm
along this evening. charles krauthammer on whether traditional america can make a come back. i think it can miller says. no we will hear from charles. but, next, jesse watters in far left waters. >> are you worried about your taxes going up? >> no, i'm canadian. [ laughter ] >> oh. sorry to hear that. >> bill: canadian taxes can't >> bill: canadian taxes can't go up very much having you ship my gifts couldn't be easier. well, having a ton of locations doesn't hurt. and my daughter loves the santa. oh, ah sir. that is a customer. let's not tell mom. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. time for cii price rewind. because your daughter really wants that pink castle thing. and you really don't want to pay more than you have to.
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>> bill: watters world segment tonight. as we told you in the far left memo. some elements running wild after the re-election of president obama. we sent factor producer jesse watters to check out the situation at a bill maher show in new york city. ♪ ♪ >> you are here for the bill maher show. >> yes, absolutely. >> how happy are you about obama's re-election? >> i am thrilled. unbelievably excited. >> nothing is going wrong this time. >> i would have left the country if he wasn't. >> so you would go to the
8:32 pm
sudan if romney was elected? >> i don't know. maybe costa rica. >> i guess you better push off, huh? >> you are opening for mar. >> i'm bill maher's opener, yes, i am. >> tough act to follow. >> oh, i go on before him. you get it, right? >> yeah. >> don't you think i got any sense at all? >> you voted for romney and now you are here to see bill maher. >> right. >> are you on drugs right now. >> no. no. >> obama momma. [ laughter ] >> are you expecting? >> oh god, no. >> why are you guys excited about a second term? >> we both are very happy about obama care. >> obama care. >> i'm really excited to see obama carroll out. >> what if they passed obama care premiums went up. >> i got to admit they put it on me that time. >> are you concerned about this massive national debt. >> he spent the least amount of money than any president. >> obama? >> yeah, did he. >> are you shear about that. >> i am positive of that. >> what kind of rubbish is
8:33 pm
that? >> what's point of raising taxes on wealthy people. >> they can afford to pay a little bit more. >> because if you raise taxes on just the wealthy it's only about 68 billion in revenue. >> what do you really care. am i right? >> you don't hate the rich do you. >> i love the rich. >> right. >> what do my eyes tell gru if you raise taxes on the rich it only amounts to a week in spending. >> you know what knocking out public television gets you about an hour. >> really? >> i know i'm talking to the enemy right now. >> don't hate me. >> i don't. i don't hate. >> you i thought liberals want to embrace the other side. >> i don't think that's true at all. >> you and i should go for drinks. -- na. >> i think you said about enough. >> what's obama's plan for housing? >> whatever it was. it's gotten house prices back up. >> so absolutely it has. check the numbers. like i am pulling this out of thin air, i'm not buddy. >> just try to stay out of my
8:34 pm
way. just try. >> i'm a registered democrat but i voted for mitt because i thought it would be more astute at creating jobs. >> do you want to pay for my contraception. >> you don't have to. >> it's refreshing talking to a young lady like you. >> now, do you have to be high to go to a bill maher show? yes or no? >> no. >> i might have had a few drinks. >> what a woman. >> are you guys o'reilly factor fans. >> bill bill fan. >> what's the best part of the show. >> bill doesn't let anybody push him around. >> what's the favorite part of the show? >> the end. >> he is too much. >> he is, he is. >> here now is watters. now, number one, housing prices have not gone up. >> they are down. >> number two, president obama is the, the president who spent the most. >> four years in a row
8:35 pm
trillion-dollar deficit. >> so his supporters, the president's supporters really don't know much? >> no. they are zombies and they hear those talking points about a balanced approach. i think president obama could destroy the economy but as long as there is obama care. gay marriage and abortion on demand they are going to support the guy no matter what. >> bill: they seem like nice people though. there wasn't -- did you get people giving a hard time? >> no, you actually had people come up and whispered in my ear, hey, by the way, i'm a big fan. like they don't want anybody to know. >> i like the fact that they weren't sirly. it didn't seem like they didn't like you. >> they just won the election. >> bill: goodwill? >> yeah j if they had lost -- now, how extreme was the crowd going to that show? >> well, inside the show, you would have people applauding about jokes about the palin children. that's how extreme it was. you would have people making
8:36 pm
jokes about white power and mormonism and really vicious, vial hateful things. >> are you comedic license but i think you cross the library and the crowd eight -- ate it up. the crowd is not that intelligence. the guy was talking about how great fema was. everyone is clapping about fema everybody in new york has no power. no food, no water. it's crazy. >> bill: all right. jesse watters, everybody. making friends wherever he goes. when we come right back, is it legal tis the season there after the nativity scene again. you knew it was going to happen. legal is next. eat good fats.
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8:40 pm
company who performed dismally after hurricane sandy hit causing millions of people to suffer. here now attorneys and fox news analyst kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl, what's the suit about. >> it's about gross negligence, fraud, breach of contract by the utility, the second most expensive large utility in the country. they didn't do anything, bill, to prepare for the storm. they were using 25-year-old computers, main frame computers. they didn't have enough poles or people to go out there. meanwhile as you can see from the pictures people suffered for days and days. >> bill: the suit contends that lipa as they call it was totally unprepared for anything. if they had obsolete equipment how could they be prepared? fixing that way before sandy came on. >> there should be a repercussion for that it was acknowledged as far as back as 2006 that they were operating under antiquated system insufficient to notify customers. >> bill: everybody knew despite the fact that they charged the second which is the most expensive. >> alaska and hawaii. >> bill: alaska and hawaii
8:41 pm
this is after that get money from the folks. money from you guilfoyle. >> my power wasn't on. the whole thing was a mess. you couldn't get through to anyone. there was no updates. no emails. you were left sort of mystified. >> bill: i'm talking about money. you pay them a lot of money. i pay them a lot of money i live on long island. >> two years of my bill in new york city for just the summer. >> bill: people who live on long island people know what's going on know that this utility cannot cut it, period. >> right. >> bill: will they win the lawsuit. >> i think they will. that's the contract part. >> bill: they violated the contract. people pay them with expectation of service. service is there they don't give a fig. >> i love the fact it's a class action not just one person. >> bill: what will lipa have to do. >> this is what they will do if it gets to a jury -- >> bill: no, let's say lipa loses the lawsuit. what happens. >> class action lawsuit. attorney takes 30 or 40% of that cut a check from lipa. >> bill: all the customers get
8:42 pm
money back. >> absolutely. >> bill: go get them. i'm reddy. >> we might get some money back. >> bill: gay rights groups urging president obama to sign an executive order that does, what? >> banning discrimination by federal contractors for employment purposes. this would specify that you cannot discriminate against gay or transgendered individuals when coming to hand out contracts. they would have to prove they were discriminated against. >> bill: just federal contracts. >> you know why that is? they want to set a standard, set a precedent so it can be applied uniformly. >> bill: apparatus now to handle that stuff. >> no. state. not federal. >> bill: want a federal law that says if you don't hire us because you are gay. >> can't discriminate based on. >> gay or transgeneral terred. that's why they want the president to step in. >> bill: that's okay, right? duo pose that. >> no, i don't oppose it it's just the means by which they are doing it have having the president declare by
8:43 pm
proclamation. >> bill: how else are they going to do it? >> that's what they expect politically because he has came out against doma and for same sex marriage. >> bill: we don't want anybody -- i want everybody to be clear. we don't want anybody to be discriminated against. no americans. we don't want that we got involved with the ellen degeneres thing when they were demanding pennies. not good. if you are an american shouldn't be discriminated against. >> that's the point. >> bill: christmas, huh? seven weeks away. >> i know. think. >> bill: thanksgiving next week. all right. tip of the day by the way is about christmas. hang around for that so, nativity scenes are going up what happens, wiehl. >> a little town in ellwood city, pennsylvania. a group out of madison, wisconsin. >> bill: wait, wait, wiehl, you always do. this what is happenings in ellwood city. >> in ellwood city they have had this nativity scene for years. >> 50. >> bill: 50 years. >> group in madison wisconsin last year. >> bill: where is it, wiehl? >> now it's not going to be
8:44 pm
there. it was in front of the municipal building. >> bill: okay. 50 years. >> 50 years. >> ellwood city, little nativity scene in front of the municipal building which is the local. >> local city council building, right. >> bill: so, wisconsin, atheist group does what? >> they get upset, file a lawsuit. >> bill: against ellwood city far away. >> it's a little bit of a trek. you are not going to get there on your bike. they say its inappropriate. shouldn't be on public property. we spoke with a gentleman who is representing the group. >> bill: the atheist. >> and he said look, i'm not opposed to anything on private property. they have moved it to the church so it's been nativity scene. >> bill: so they already caved? >> they didn't want the lawsuit. >> bill: they moved it from the municipal building where it's been for 50 years to a church? >> right. >> bill: so the atheists won? >> right. they did. they prevailed. >> bill: there is no war on christmas, ladies and he gentlemen. remember jon stewart? remember stewart said that? >> tough to be nativity.
8:45 pm
ellwood city 50 years. people are looking for it. >> they are not going to find it. >> bill: have to have little maps. >> relocated. now, final question and either of you can -- do the atheists in wisconsin realize they are going to hell? did you ask them that? >> it's the christmas season. we don't bring that up until january. okay? we know stewart is going to hell. just kidding, man, i am just giving him material. the guy needs material. >> he needs help. >> bill: one footnote ms. kimberly receiving the strength of our society award this evening new york society for the prevention for criewltd at this of children. congratulations. very worthy cause, good job. on deck, charles krauthammer cranky as usual will answer this question. can traditional america make a come back. charles after these messages.
8:46 pm
8:47 pm
8:48 pm
8:49 pm
>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. yesterday, an extensive talking points memo which you can see on our web site about the fact that i believe traditional america can and will make a come back. dennis miller disagrees with me. i wanted to know what charles krauthammer thought. is he traveling today but i caught up with him before he left. so, charles, do you think i am right or wrong? i believe as you know that traditional america can make a come back and you say? >> well, i think it can and i think romney did not make the argument. when you remember, i think the reason he shied away from the argumentment basically to boil it counselthe givers and the takers to make it rather crudely. he got caught with a tape saying the 47%. now, that number is not an accurate number. that number describes people who don't pay income tax. some of them are older people on social security or the military. he he was open to attack and then he just ran away from that. whereas i think ryan made the case, it's a much smaller
8:50 pm
number. but it's a significant number. and the strategy of liberals has always been to increase dependency because that increases their constituencies and then keeps them in power. i will give you one example of what's coming up. obama care. obama care will now subsidize insurance for families making up to four times the poverty rate. that's $91,000 for family in some states. now once you are subsidizing people at $91,000. you are subsidizing everyone. that's the point that liberals want to do. the more you make more people dependent, the more you have your constituencies, the more they reelect you and that's the strategy. i don't think the argument is lost but i think it's got to be made and romney simply a couldn't really engage it very well. particularly after his mistake and second he didn't feel fluent in it the way the younger generation, the ryans and the jindals and the others who are up and coming and will be in 2016. the way that they can make it.
8:51 pm
>> bill: that's an economic argument. and with obama care, yes, more people will be coming under the tent of government assistance. but, also, they will be paying for it because taxes are going to have to go up. everybody is going to pay more. in some way, shape, or form. but socially, when you see 71% of hispanics voting for secular progressive, barack obama, who doesn't really share their values about religion -- well, i can't say family because oba is a good family man and he puts forth a good example there. he doesn't make it a cause. certainly he doesn't challenge the abortion zealots. he seems to be opposed socially from most in the hispanic community. yet, romney never went there at all. >> romney never went anywhere at all. what romney did and he had that one great night in the first debate. and that brought him back into the race and put him ahead, in fact, what romney decided at that point was he is going to run on the economy on stewardship and he could coast to victory. and remarkably, if you look at the exit polls, a majority or
8:52 pm
a plurality of americans thought the economy was improving on election day. when your whole strategy is to run saying he he had a chance to run the economy he failed and now i know how to do it because that's the path of least resistance. that's the path where you can make the argument without trying. when the numbers switch on you perception of the economy changes you have got nothing. instead of running large. when he appointed ryan he had a chance to run on the -- you know, the entitlement state, the state dependency. all of this. he he decided not to do it? >> i know. >> third debate. he wunt engage on benghazi either. had all these opportunities but he ran a conservative race. >> bill: and he lost. okay. going forward though. do you agree with me that hispanic american voters can be drawn in to the traditional forces not talking party politics. like african-americans stay voting a block to the left no
8:53 pm
matter what happens? >> i think hispanics are very different from african-americans. african-americans and the other constituencies obama lost single women, and young people are generally more liberal. and republics are conservative party. that's who they are. the country does not need two liberal parties. but hispanics are not inherently liberal. hispanics, you know the tight family. they have, you know, they're religious catholic. socially conservative, especially on abortion. these are a national constituency. they are a striving immigrant group. that is a natural conservative constituency. the problem is they have been driven away by a party that refuses to deal with the issue ever illegal immigration. >> bill: do you believe that if marco rubio had been the vice presidential choice instead of paul ryan that that would have made a difference in florida, virginia, nevada, and colorado? >> no. it wouldn't have made enough of a difference in this
8:54 pm
election. but if marco rubio is the presidential candidate, in 2016, and the party begins to advocate, enforcement, plus amnesty after enforcement, i think it will be a sea change. i think you will get a revolution of the hispanic vote. i think it will restore all this talk about how republics are demographickics ticket is nonsense. >> thank you as always. >> a pleasure. >> bill: factor tip of the day about you and christmas. the tip 60 seconds away. music is a universal language. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own
8:55 pm
with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life. information on my phone. connection to doctors who get where i'm from. and tools to estimate what my care may cost. so i never missed a beat. we're more than 78,000 people looking out for more than 70 million americans. that's health in numbers. unitedhealthcare.
8:56 pm
>> bill: i'm glad you are talking to the kids about this
8:57 pm
in classroom. lisa. zbloogt thinking why beed bus end >> bill: we can find no such evidence, charles. if you have it. please forward it to me. >> bill: wow, that is some great wife, tim. especially since the vegas show is sold out. the only one that still has seats is in houston. contend and lincoln number three and kennedy number one.
8:58 pm
>> bill: i appreciate that. we write a weekly column. factor tip of the day, yesterday they put up christmas deck indications in new york city. big tree will be displayed at rockefeller center was cut down against its will. so christmastime has begun. you can get overwhelmed by christmas and everything going on. thanksgiving coming next week. then pandemonium breaks out. now, they are going to open on thanksgiving night and rush in. here is the tip of the day. keep it simple. get a piece of paper and anything will do and write down everybody you want to give a gift. then organize ahead and get a calendar. christmas will be much better if you do that. please leave time for reflection factor tip of the day. that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news
8:59 pm
factor website, different from bill o'reilly otcom and we would like you to spout off about the factor, any time, any any time, word of day, do not be a naughty. shake it up. there is a -- doddy, rockefeller center. is this $85. that is what they do. nobody wants this by the way? get them some factor gear. [ laughter ] >> bill: i am bill o'reilly, please remember the spin stops here because we are definitely looking out for you.

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